Learn how to create an injury free safety culture

The Australian Institute of Management said in their recent study, The Business of Safety, that it is critical for organisations to recognise that their long term success is dependent on them providing a safe workplace.

This guide has been created for CEOs and Senior Management, who want to improve their current OHS processes, reduce injury and ensure a safe environment for all employees.

This starts by creating a culture of safety in the workplace with senior management.

Guide_to_safety_culture-038545-editedWhat you will learn from this guide:

  • The importance of management leadership and accountability.
  • How to apply a systematic approach to safety to ensure all aspects of the management system work. 
  • The value of leading the organisation to develop a positive Safety Culture.
  • What you need to know before you start the journey.
  • The five steps to implementing an injury free safety culture.
  • How to achieve a positive Safety Culture.