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Duration: Intensive - 2 Days based on the number of participants. (Max 20)

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Learning from performance variation, not just failure

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The Health and Safety profession has made great strides in safety performance over the last 50 years, technology has become safer to use, and techniques such as HAZOP and bowtie analysis have given us ways to think about and manage hazards. This approach has served the industry well, but safety...

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Sharpen Your Skills

The safety performance of organisations is often seriously compromised by the attitudes and behaviour of managers.

Workplace injuries cost an estimated $50 billion per year in Australia alone. In 2014, 40% of workers had experienced at least one injury or illness as a result of their work, with more than half (52%) reporting that they had been injured by some form of equipment/machinery during the previous five years. And these figures do not include those who have suffered from mental health problems due to workplace stress or bullying.

WHS Masterclass for Managers and Supervisors has been shown to be effective in improving organisational safety performance, but it can be difficult to implement because most managers are reluctant to participate in such programs.

Our new training program called "WHS Masterclass for Managers and Supervisors" was designed specifically for managers and supervisors. This course uses a combination of classroom lectures and experiential exercises that help participants understand how they can improve their own leadership skills as well as the organisation's overall safety performance.

Take a Deep Dive into this Subject

This course forms the basis of general training in the principles of health and safety risk management. The aim of the training is to ensure that managers and supervisors have an awareness of general work health and safety issues in accordance with their legal duties and company health and safety policies.

Then Put it to Work in Your Organisation

Our solution is simple – we help you train your managers to be better leaders and improve workplace safety and culture on site through our range of online training courses. Your organisation will benefit from reduced staff turnover thanks to better management practices, increased productivity thanks to less time off sick, fewer accidents resulting in lower insurance premiums, happier employees who feel valued within the company culture and improved morale across your business overall!

What You Will Learn

Participants will learn:

  • the reasons for managing work health and safety in their workplace
  • their responsibilities under work health and safety law
  • their role in the risk identification, assessment and control process 
  • safe working practice in accordance with their own health and safety policy 
  • the role of WHS/OHS management systems
  • the legal background to general work health and safety issues
  • their responsibilities in implementing safe systems of work based on risk management
  • the maintenance of discipline with regard to compliance with health and safety policies and procedures
  • the company’s responsibility to provide safe work systems
  • the importance of liaison with work health and safety regulatory authorities.

Comprehensive participant notes, a copy of the Act and up to date, detailed supplementary information will be provided.